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    TAJ Al-Quran academy is your best choice if you are seeking to learn Quran. With TAJ, you are not only going to recite or memorize the Holy Quran with professtionals, but also taking It as a life style. With TAJ, you will start an incomparable, meaningful, enjoyable journey with the Holy Quran. You will live with its meanings, extract its ethics and teachings and apply them in your daily life.

    Why Choose Us?

    Taj Al-Quran is an academy for the whole family where you can learn the correct recitation of the Holy Quran, understand its meanings, or study Arabic language and Islamic studies in interactive sessions for kids, and real knowledge for parents.

    Interactive classes

    In TAJ, we believe in the importance of interactive sessions for learners. It helps learners gain information and apply them in their daily life. Moreover, an interactive session are more fun and enjoyable compared to traditional training methods.

    Enjoyable and exciting activities

    We in TAJ follow activities metholody in learning Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies. Activities are meaningful, and ensures student development and advancement. TAJ enables students to engage and develop their skills, knowledge and understandings in different ways.

    Useful cooperation between the group

    • In the past, Muslims used to study Quran in groups and this had a very positive impacts on their memorisation.
    • Being in a group of the same age makes you more interested and keen on learning.
    • Helping you to make new righteous friends with whom you ” Cooperate with one another in goodness and righteousness “
    • Being in a Safe environment, as after the break out of corona virus, online classes have become the best option for learning.

    Making New Friends

    TAJ students learn in small groups of their same ages. TAJ academy helps its students to strengthen their relationship with Quran, and be surrounded with good, righteous friends.



    Family offer

    $£ 24.99Monthly
    • 25£ instead of 30£ per person
    • 6 months offer 6% off
    • 12 months offer 12% off

    60 minutes session

    $£ 29.99Monthly
    • 1 Sessions per week/4 sessions per month (30£ per month)
    • 2 sessions per week (55£ per month)
    • 3 sessions per week (85£ per month)
    • 4 sessions per week (115£ per month)
    • 5 sessions per week (145£ per month)
    • 6 sessions per week (170£ per month)

    30 minutes session

    $£ 29.99Monthly
    • 2 Sessions per week/8 sessions per month
    • 3 sessions per week (45£ per month)
    • 4 sessions per week (55£ per month)
    • 5 sessions per week (75£ per month)
    • 6 sessions per week (85£ per month)


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    What People Say



    Jehan Aladawy

    “ Thank you All members for taking care of our children and sharing with us such a difficult commitment. ”


    Judy & Omar Mother

    “ I am really proud and happy of what taj provide and teach.
    Really thanks for all your valuable and continuous efforts. ”



    “ Can not comment. But when the kids are keen to attend, that means the teacher is really capable of create a link of communication. ”


    Afnan khalifa

    “ Aser likes Quran lesson which means the teacher is professional and acknowledge their pupils need and how to deliver his lesson to them in the right way. ”


    Salma Khalil

    “ Thank you for hard work and for being always flexible with us. It is a great pleasure to be in TAJ. Jazakum Allah Khyren. ”