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Why TAJ decided to start its teaching academy?

TAJ realized that traditional way of teaching is not enough so they seeked to add new teaching methods for more effectiveness. By these new methods, TAJ managed to make students more engaged in learning. Moreover, TAJ started its own teaching styles that coping with students' needs. TAJ team do their best to make Quran a fundamental part in student's daily life. Moreover, we succeeded to make our students excited for the next sessions. That's why our parents put their trust in TAJ after witnessing the progress of their sons and daughters.

The Vinebel are the #1Islamic Center

History Of Center

TAJ is not only an academy for online learning but a place where you can enjoy gaining authentic knowledge, learning new skills, and being surrounded by righteous people. In TAJ, we have a vision to be applied, a mission to be accomplished, and a story to inspire.

Why Choose Us?

We realized that most of the teaching ways of the Qur'an are very traditional, inactive, and unattractive. Based on only a student and a teacher without any effectiveness or affection. Thus we decided to create a different and unique way to engage the Quran in our kids’ life

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Our Vision

We believe that the Holy Quran was revealed to be Muslim's guide. TAJ aims at raising kids loving, living and enjoying Allah's words by making Quran an essential part of their daily life. We are not only seeking to make them memorize the Holy Quran, we are also aiming at making them understand its meanings, extract its ethics and finally making them a righteous Muslim with positive contributions to his/her family, fellowship and society.

Our Mission

TAJ's family do their best to raise Muslim generation with strong beliefs and identity. In TAJ, we all work hand in hand to present authentic, enjoyable, and suitable curricula for all ages and levels. TAJ regularly holds workshops with experts and training for our tutors to be updated with recent effective teaching methodologies. We also believe that our daily lives can't be separated from our Islamic teachings, so we always work on developing our programs to suit every age of our kids and teens.

Our Story

Our story began when we realized that traditional way of teaching wasn't effective anymore and that students need creativity in delivering any knowledge specially the Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies. TAJ tends to hire knowledgeable, passionate and creative tutors to be role models for our students. Finally, TAJ came up with unique teaching methodologies including:


Group Session

It is inspried by Halaqa in Prophet Muhammad's time. As the Prophet and his companions used to study the Holy Quran and Islamic studies in groups and this had positive impacts on their memorization, understanding, and their brotherhood bonds. For these positive results, we in TAJ applies halaqa in our teaching methodologies.


Monthly Value

TAJ team prepare a suitable Islamic value every month for our students to study with TAJ. These values are extracted basically from Quran and sunnah that are full of ethics and life skills that they need.


Interactive Classes

Interactive sessions helps learners gain knowledge and apply it in their daily life. Moreover, an interactive session are more fun and enjoyable compared to traditional training methods.


Gaining New Skills

TAJ enhances skills like working in team, communication skills and being in an interactive atmosphere which will push one forward in learning.

By these methodologies, TAJ creates its own unique story.

Meet Our Tutors

Professional & Authorized Aractic Native Teachers